Lovely 4D
Lovely 4D

Lovely 4D

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The chip pants are not just the inner underwear of each girlfriend anymore. Besides, aesthetic factors are very important and top priority.
- High-quality cold elastic material creates soft, comfortable feeling to help you feel confident when wearing many of your favorite beautiful clothes. In addition, the cold elastic material creates discreetness and safety for the wearer.
- Compact, hugging the body, highlighting seductive curves. Thin lace helps you not be ruffled, not uncomfortable.
- Delicate design, fit will give you absolute comfort. Solid seam, meticulous, durable.

- Do not wash with clothes of different colors.
- Wash by hand, gently rub. Or put in washing bag if washing machine.
- Do not use strong detergents.
- Do not wash with hot water.
- The product does not need ironing.

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